The real challenge of the future

Normally when making energy efficiency measures, only partial actions are taken: for example, only installing external insulation, only changing the boiler or just the the doors and windows. Unfortunately, however, if these measures are not addressed in a complete and thorough way, it can easily leas to problems with mold and condensation, which can seriously compromise the health of the environment, thereby reducing the building's comfort and energy saving levels.

Energy improvements on each construction project must first be designed, so as to avoid these unpleasant situations.

Our experience in the field of renovation teaches us that nothing is left to chance. Any intervention on the existing situation involves careful evaluation. Through a proper diagnosis of the existing building and specific programs we can evaluate the true effectiveness of making renovations to the property and can thus rectify the negative effects. All the while maintaining a high level of comfort without compromising energy efficiency.

Through passive design we can make it so that your building's energy consumption drops by up to 90% (cleansing power factor of 4 or 10). In this case the goal is not to achieve a passive standard (which may be reached in some cases), but instead to maximise construction efficiency as a result of the intervention.This allows you not only to save energy consumption but also to maximise the value of your property for as long as possible. In this case, an authentic and precise consultation can take place for passive houses. Through the audits on the economic returns of operations, we can advise you on the best economic strategy for planned work.

The passive redevelopment, if desired, can be certified with the Ener-Phit protocol issued by the Passivhaus Institute Darmstadt (DE).

It is possible to break up the overall operation or the passive redevelopments and carry them out at different times (Step by Step restructuring). Once a comprehensive or passive redevelopment has been drafted, operations to the building can be performed as the need arises. Example: Do you have to redo the waterproofing on your roof? Insulation can also be installed at the same time. Do you have to redo the plaster on the south wall? The roof can also be done. Thus, carrying out a step-by-step intervention process optimizes the operations from the point of view of energy consumption and once completed the initial target design is then realised.

Redevelopments of residential, industrial, commercial, townhouses and condominiums properties.

All our comprehensive and passive redevelopment projects are certified with the CasaClima R protocol.