Blowerdoor thermography test


By conducting a building survey with an infrared thermal imager, it is possible to assess the health status of an existing property, determine the causes of existing deterioration and locate thermal losses, without any destructive testing.

The most requested applications using infrared thermography are:

- To check construction quality of new buildings;
- Energy audits of existing buildings that are undergoing energy improvements;
- Identification of thermal bridges and areas with moisture problems;
- Check for water leaks in roofing and terraces;
- Identification of water leakages in heating installations

Check that buildings are airtight (blower door test)

For several years it has been shown that an unnecessary or excessive change of air has a negative fallout on the energy efficiency of buildings. An efficient building is also a building with little air intrusion.

The verification of resistance to air permeability is measured by the Blower door test. The test is carried out by installing a particular instrument capable of pressurising (or depressurising) the building with a notable pressure difference between inside and outside. Whilst it is operating, the machine is connected to a computer which is able to "quantify" the amount of air passing through via drafts, and it can then determine the degree of airtightness of the building.

Through our network of professionals we offer thermography services and checking the air tightness of a building.