Make the most convenient choice

If you are looking for plots of land or real estate properties, we provide real estate consultancy, which help and support you in the choices you make.

Real estate consultancy helps avoid unpleasant situations further down the line.

Getting your head around energy certificates, asset values, market prices ans sale specifications is not a simple task.

Assessing whether the ground is facing the right way helps a lot in making savings in the construction costs of the future building. Knowing in advance what actions will need to be taken with the property you are buying is useful to see whether the budget you have available is enough to cover these costs.

Our support will be pay for itself in the form of the benefits you will receive by making an appropriate or better choice.

We carry out real estate appraisal using the best evaluation techniques, complying with the guidelines of the Associazione Bancaria Italiana, which allows us to provide an accurate estimate based on the performance of the market in recent months.

We are accredited as valuers in certain banking groups.

If necessary we offer a financial advisory service, by continuous monitoring of offers from some major credit institutions in the country. By doing so we can assist customers in finding the type of financing that best suits their needs, at the best market rates.