The future, today

Our energy standard of reference is the Passive House.

With the introduction of Directive 2010/31 from the EU, this ultra-low energy standard will be required for all public buildings by 2018 and by 2020 for all other buildings. Finally it seems that the Lombardy region will adopt this standard by the end of 2015.

The European Commission has defined this efficiency standard using the Passive House model, through the financing of campaigns such as monitoring the C.E.P.H.E.U.S. project (Cost Efficient Passive House as a European Standard) that has demonstrated the validity of the construction system.

Even now, with the Passive House system we can create buildings that consume 75% less energy than a Class B structure with 10% more cost, in-keeping with European legislation.

Through the use of the calculation program for passive houses (PHPP, Passive WUFI), we can guarantee the consumption levels of your building (if used correctly) as well as deliver a highly comfortable building with very low power consumption following the Passive House model. This will therefore be able to maintain its economic value over time.

If you already have an architectural project we can analyse it and then convert it into a passive house.

Our experience in the design and construction of passive buildings supported by the Directorate of works by your designer during construction will ensure the full success of the project.

If you intend to build a passive house, it is recommended that you obtain a voluntary certification of the property.

We are accredited at both the Passiv Haus Institut in Darmstadt (De) as well as at the PHI Italia.